Advanced Technology Services: Data Center Consolidation & Migration

Last week, we officially launched our new Advanced Technology Services business unit.

This new division was developed to fulfill the infrastructure and application management challenges experienced by many of our customers. Advanced Technology Services also extends our managed services capabilities through helping customers plan, transition, and implement a fully managed IT model. New Services include:

  • Data Center Consolidation & Migration
  • Managed Applications
  • Managed I.T.
  • Managed Data
  • Managed Networks

Over the next few weeks, we will be outlining some of the questions and considerations that we’ve heard from our customers while evaluating the importance of engaging some of these services.

Today, we’re going to start off this series with Data Center Consolidation and Migration services.

Data Center Consolidation & Migration Services

With data center consolidation and migration services, we can help customers migrate (physically or virtually) enterprise-level data center components to a new location, either in one of our facilities or your own. We also take every precaution necessary to ensure the customer experiences minimal risk and downtime.

Why should I consider Data Center Migration services?

Moving and migrating data center infrastructure involves a lot of risk and liability. Adequate planning for activities before, during, and after the migration is necessary to ensure that all risks have been mitigated as best as possible. Data center migrations also take a lot of time and are very resource-intensive, and many organizations often do not have the available skillsets necessary to achieve a successful migration. We can work with organizations to discuss the risks, timelines, and costs associated with moving equipment, while minimizing downtime and ensuring equipment is both safe and secure.

How can I leverage Data Center Consolidation Services to gain operational and cost efficiencies?

The cost of power and infrastructure to maintain an organization’s IT operations can increase significantly as their environments continue to grow. Consolidating server infrastructure into a smaller footprint saves on power, floor space, cooling, and hardware maintenance. We work with our customers to understand the impact of savings achieved by virtualizing or consolidating their current infrastructure. We also help our customers migrate their infrastructure into a smaller and more efficient environment either at their facility, at our, or a combination of both.

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