Supplementary Services

Services designed for all hosting clients: Co-location, Private, & Managed.

We have specifically designed a number of our services to supplement any of our hosting services. Whether you are utilizing our fully managed servers, have private servers in our managed environment or in your co-location space, or have your own equipment co-located on one of our floors, we have services that add the necessary components you need.

Advanced Monitoring

Our monitoring services range from basic website up/down monitoring, through website content scanning, to agent-based system scanning and measurement and include multiple escalation and notification paths.

Backups, Archiving, and Vaulting

Since every client is different, we have developed a flexible approach to backups and archiving. Retention, media, proximity, and frequency can all be customized to your specific needs.

Firewall Services

Add fully managed, high-availability firewalls to your existing environment.

Vulnerability Scanning and Analysis

Periodic or one-time vulnerability scanning and remediation analysis is available to all clients, regardless of the nature of the hosting engagement.

Domains and DNS

Register global and country code top level domains and manage your DNS via our redundant nameserver infrastructure.

ICANN’s Registrants Rights & Responsibilities Document

Digital Certificates

Secure your applications and SSL sites with specific and wildcard certificates.


Host your POP/IMAP or Microsoft Exchange Server email. Connect your wireless devices using Active sync or Blackberry Enterprise Server.

Point to Point Connections

Add high-speed connections between your locations using metro LAN fiber or high-speed wireless networks.

Distributed Content Delivery

Reduce costs, improve performance, and vastly increase scalability by delivering your files, rich-media, and streaming through our CDN.