Agency Platform

A multi-site solution to help you manage your multi-site responsibilities.

Advertising & interactive agencies, software and website development firms, PR & communication companies, and large multi-brand organizations all have to manage multiple properties in multiple locations, frequently with different design & development teams in multiple languages. Our Agency Platform solution will help you manage these complexities while centralizing hosting, administration, and reporting, freeing you up to manage your clients or stakeholders.

Designed for your organization if…

  • You are responsible for multiple products / brand properties with complex hosting needs.
  • System administration duties are taking up too much of your team’s time.
  • There are multiple design & development teams working on multiple properties simultaneously.
  • Some of your properties experience large fluctuations in traffic.
  • The properties you manage have privacy and information management policies that must be adhered to.

Solution Features

  • Production Environments: Managed or Private Hosting for Windows & Linux platforms. Protected by high-availability firewalls and advanced monitoring.
  • Associated Staging & QA Environments: Virtualized versions of your production environment for QA, testing, & development.
  • Multi-site, Multi-brand Structure with Shared Resources: Hosting multiple sites for your clients and pool your resource commitments and capacities.
  • Digital Asset Management: Provide a source code repository to all of your design & development teams for your multiple sites & clients.
  • Hosted Web Analytics: Leverage our Google Urchin platform for all of your sites and product/site managers.