Secure Server Room

Move your office server room to a world-class data center and reduce risk and increase performance and productivity.

Our Secure Server Room solution is an alternative to locating your important enterprise systems in your office server room or closet. Take advantage of the investments we have made in our facilities and networks to reduce the risks associated with housing your own equipment.


  • You have an on-site server room or closet that may be:
    • running out of space
    • running into risks associated with power, cooling, or fire detection & suppression.
    • experiencing cost increases associated with upgrades, building codes, or insurance.
  • Road-warriors and other off-site staff connect into your central systems.
  • Your office Internet connectivity is not effective for connecting remote offices and staff constantly.


  • Point-to-point / metro LAN Extension: connect your office location or locations to one or more of our data centers using fiber or high-speed wireless networks.
  • Co-location or managed or private servers: A managed or dedicated infrastructure to replace the functions previously housed in your office server room.
  • Internet access: Utilize high-speed and low-cost Internet connectivity via our multiple tier-1 providers to increase productivity.
  • Facility Migration: We help plan and implement the migration.