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Our approach is built upon a solid foundation of people, processes, technology, network, and facilities.

CentriLogic builds data center hosting solutions based on industry best practices and customer feedback. Our customers don’t come to us for services. They come to us for solutions. With CentriLogic, customers get outsourcing and peace of mind, because we make things work.

CentriLogic has built its reputation on a solid foundation of people, processes, technology, network and facilities. The customer is the priority in everything we do.

People: Hiring only the best

Our people have a “can do” attitude that comes from an encouraging work environment. They have extensive experience in the enterprise IT space and come from many of the top networking and communications vendors in the industry.

We offer significant management and technology experience in the design, deployment and management of enterprise Information Technology (IT) solutions.

Process: A focus on industry best practices

We use industry best practices and processes to provide the highest level quality of service to our customers. We guarantee the quality of our solutions through Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Technology: Driven by best-of-breed

Using best-of-breed technology to build our state-of-the-art data centers, we use the top hardware and software in the business to ensure our data centers have the highest levels of uptime so you know they’ll be available at all times.

Networks: Best of class architectures

Using networking hardware and software from the best vendors in the industry, our networks are designed to be fully redundant and to eliminate any single point of failure.

Our network operates with multiple connections to a number of Tier 1 providers and peering points, maximizing performance and availability with no single point of failure

Facilities: Secure and stable for peace of mind

Our world-class data center facilities are designed to be secure, stable, scalable and maintainable and guard against power outages, fire hazards, and security threats. With facilities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, we offer customers a choice in where their data is stored.

Not only can you leverage these investments but this foundation enables us to provide accountable and client focused solutions, for which we have a proven track record for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.