Application Modernization: Strategies for Success

Join Ricardo Covo and Jeff Zado for a complimentary webinar on App Modernization.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, enterprises should be increasingly focused on modernizing applications to drive innovation, , infuse AI where appropriate, improve security and integrate new processes. However, many businesses still rely on legacy applications built using traditional architectures and models. Application modernization offers a way to transform these legacy systems, making them more agile and efficient.

Application modernization involves refactoring, rearchitecting or rewriting existing applications to make them cloud ready. It’s about improving software delivery performance by going beyond a lift-and-shift approach, and instead looking to really take advantage of the cloud strengths. This process may include migrating applications to public, private, or hybrid clouds or adopting newer approaches like microservices and DevOps practices.

In this session Ricardo and Jeff will cover the basics of App Innovation and Modernization, will explain typical steps of a modernization plan, and will help you understand the most common use cases and patters, the key technologies and the benefits of a successful modernization strategy.

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Ricardo Covo and Jeff Zado

10:00 am to 11:00 am EDT