Assess Your IT Transformation Efforts by Asking These 3 Questions

At the onset of this year, Gartner predicted that through 2021, IT transformation initiatives will take large organizations twice as long on average and cost double than anticipated. Now halfway through 2020, it’s the perfect time to assess whether Gartner’s foresight is becoming your business’s unfortunate reality.

No matter if you planned your IT transformation for months, or are fast-tracking it to the cloud due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s critical to reflect on your initiative so far and plan for what you hope to accomplish over the coming months. Not sure where to begin? Start by asking these three questions.

Can You Track How Your IT Transformation Accomplishments Are Impacting Your Business Goals?

An IT transformation is not always a linear process nor does it have a discrete end point, meaning you must continually assess your goals and your progress toward them. But, if you aren’t tracking the right key performance indicators (KPIs), it can be difficult to discern what’s working and what needs to be adjusted. If you aren’t able to measure how your digital strategy is aligned with or impacting your business goals, you might consider revising the KPIs you have in place to give you those critical insights as we move into the second half of the year.

Do You See a Company-Wide Environment of Growth and Education?

successful IT transformation requires far more than just a digital overhaul. With revamped business models and initiatives, updated procedures and processes, and new technologies and approaches, companies must foster a culture of experimentation, learning, and growth among employees. According to Gartner, by 2022, inadequate cloud IaaS skills could delay half of IT organizations’ migration to the cloud by at least two years.  At the same time, skilled tech professionals become more in demand and difficult to find. While digital innovation continues at a rapid pace, ensuring your business is able to keep up from within is imperative, meaning it’s critical to develop the necessary digital skills internally.

Does Your Business Have the Support It Needs?

Undergoing an IT transformation is critical to future-proofing your business for the rest of this year and long after. But doing so is no small feat, and requires your organization to have the strategy, support, and guidance in place for end-to-end success throughout the process.

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No matter where you are in your digital journey, it’s never too late to bring in a partner that can ensure you’re on the right track (and stay there). Whether you seek advisory, cloud, application management, or infrastructure support, Centrilogic provides the services and solutions to empower your business and your digital transformation.
It’s always a good idea to regularly assess the status of your IT transformation. By continually measuring your progress and ensuring your efforts live up to business expectations and goals, you can keep moving forward with confidence that you’re moving in the right direction. And if your organization is stuck, Centrilogic is here to offer the help and support you need. Contact us today to learn how we can help.