Centrilogic Launches U.S. Headquarters with Rochester Data Center

ROCHESTER, N.Y., September 19, 2007 – Centrilogic Inc., a Toronto-based provider of outsourced datacenter services, enters the U.S. market with the launch of its headquarters in Rochester, N.Y. From its state-of-the-art, 22,000 square foot facility, Centrilogic provides dedicated network hosting and IT services for businesses seeking an outsourced solution for their mission critical information.

E-commerce and other Internet-driven business activities, regulatory legislation, and a number of other factors have led to an unprecedented expansion of IT outsourcing. Threats from natural disasters, power outages, and network breaches make it critical to ensure companies’ data is always available and always secure. Companies increasingly turn to offsite datacenters to manage these challenges.

As a tier-1 facility, Centrilogic works to ensure that companies’ mission-critical information remains intact and accessible 24/7, 365 days a year. Centrilogic provides maximum levels of physical and data security, including fire detection and suppression, HVAC, user authentication, and video surveillance.

“We are focused on delivering essential business continuity and IT management services that allow our customers to focus on their core competencies”, said Robert Offley, President, and CEO of Centrilogic Inc. “We selected Rochester for our U.S. headquarters because of the state-of-the-art datacenter facility, its highly skilled workforce, and base of high-tech businesses. Its proximity to New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other metropolitan areas make it a prime location for our key services such as disaster recovery and application management”.

Offley, an experienced senior leader in the IT service and solutions industry, expects Centrilogic will follow previous European and North American successes. Fusepoint Managed Services, a Canadian provider of managed IT solutions, experienced a sustained annual growth of 170% under Offley.

Services offered by Centrilogic include network hosting, managed IT infrastructure, and disaster recovery services. Centrilogic customers work with dedicated teams on the design, development, and management of a custom solution to protect and manage their data and IT systems.

“We are thrilled to welcome Centrilogic’s U.S. headquarters to Monroe County”, said Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks. “This is another boost for our local economy and will create more good jobs in our community. Our highly skilled workforce and leadership in high-tech industries continue to give us a competitive edge in attracting new investment. We are pleased to assist Centrilogic in growing its business in Monroe County.”

Smaller markets, like Rochester, will increasingly lead the development of datacenters due to their secure location and competitive costs according to The Boyd Co., a leading corporate site selection firm.

“Centrilogic could have chosen a number of locations for their new data center. Their choice to locate it here is an example of the continuing importance of the high-technology sector to our local economy. Assisting these types of organizations is a top priority of the City”, said Robert Duffy, Mayor of the City of Rochester.

With its target markets spanning the northeast, Centrilogic provides a valuable asset to the Rochester economy for attracting added customers and expanding the local area employment. Centrilogic expects to create 48 new positions over the next three years and 78 over five years.

“Our Rochester location will position Centrilogic to become a leading player among U.S. datacenters and put this region on the map in the fast-growing market of stored data services”, said Offley. “We anticipate steady employment growth at the Rochester facility and plan to establish several additional datacenters across the country”.

About Centrilogic Inc.

Centrilogic Inc. is a leading provider of outsourced datacenter solutions for established organizations that conduct mission-critical business on the Internet. State-of-the-art datacenter facilities in both the U.S. and Canada enable its customers to seamlessly outsource their IT with confidence and peace of mind. Regarded by many clients as an extension of their IT department, its distinct approach enables customers to focus on their core business, achieve cost savings and reduce time-to-market. Centrilogic Inc. provides an unparalleled standard of excellence focused on delivering tier-1, customer-centric hosting solutions.

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