Centrilogic Partners with ebankIT to Empower Financial Institutions with Cloud Solutions and Improved Cybersecurity

ebankIT selects Centrilogic to help accelerate digital transformation for financial institutions, harnessing cloud banking solutions while ensuring the safeguarding of sensitive data. 


Centrilogic Partners with ebankIT.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – June 26, 2024

ebankIT, a renowned provider of global digital banking solutions, has joined forces with Centrilogic to offer financial institutions top-tier private and public cloud services along with cutting-edge cybersecurity capabilities.

As the financial sector continues to prioritize digital transformation, this collaboration aims to drive innovation faster by leveraging cloud-based systems and infrastructure. With ebankIT’s adaptable architecture and core-agnostic capabilities combined with Centrilogic’s expertise, clients can quickly innovate and stay ahead in the dynamic business landscape, accelerating their digital transformation journey and unlocking a multitude of exciting opportunities.

“Centrilogic has extensive experience helping financial institutions achieve success through their digital transformation journeys by delivering reliable and secure cloud-based systems and infrastructure” says Robert Offley, CEO at Centrilogic. “Together with ebankIT, we look forward to empowering banks and credit unions with the foundation necessary to provide industry-leading digital experiences to their clients.”

Prioritizing robust security measures is also paramount, and ebankIT maintains a steadfast commitment to safeguarding client data from cyber threats with existing ISO 27001 Certification and a stringent Privacy Program in place. Through its collaboration with Centrilogic, ebankIT will further bolster data protection by leveraging Centrilogic’s Managed Security Service, which offers comprehensive security monitoring, including security logging, vulnerability scanning, and intrusion detection systems to fortify defenses against any potential risks.

“An efficient infrastructure management is essential for seamless operations,” said Renato Oliveira, CEO at ebankIT. “Centrilogic’s expertise will help ebankIT optimize infrastructure, enhance scalability, and improve overall performance.”

About Centrilogic:

Centrilogic is a global provider of IT transformation solutions that empower organizations to realize their full digital potential. Armed with capabilities that span the stack – including multicloud management, application innovation, data & analytics, and IT advisory – Centrilogic delivers resilient end-to-end digital solutions that help companies reshape the role of their technology platforms as business-driving assets. With regional headquarters in Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom, Centrilogic delivers solutions to innovative companies worldwide.

About ebankIT:

ebankIT is a fintech company that enables banks and credit unions to deliver the same humanized, personalized, and accessible digital experience on mobile, web, and voice banking, as well as whatever future channels may come next. Enhanced with flexible and robust full omnichannel capabilities, ebankIT Digital Banking Platform offers a fast and seamless digital banking transformation. With extensive customization capacity and a continuous focus on human interactions, ebankIT future-proves the digital strategy of banks and credit unions, empowering them with a truly customer-first approach.

For more information visit www.ebankit.com.