Next-Generation Cloud Analytics Services

Go Beyond Real-Time to Anticipate and Predict

Remaining competitive in today’s data-driven world is all about reducing time to insight. Still, the hardware required for deep data analysis to drive business intelligence is an unsustainable investment for most organizations.

Centrilogic’s next-generation cloud analytics services unlock this competitive advantage without the stiff requirements or costly overhead. By leveraging the cloud’s power and versatility, our implementations deliver powerful analytics methods and tools to give you actionable insights drawn from substantial data sources. And by querying live data and harnessing AI modeling, Centrilogic’s next-generation approach goes beyond real-time analytics to anticipate and predict customer behavior and needs.

Actionable Insights, Dynamic Business Results

Our next-generation cloud analytics services allow your organization’s teams to analyze data without costly infrastructure, build machine learning models, and deploy data-driven observations to inform your market actions and strategies throughout.

  • Connection

    Build a bridge between teams for collaboration and cross-functional access to data, insight, and technology.

  • Discovery

    With Centrilogic next-generation cloud analytics, you can utilize multiple cutting-edge analytics technologies and AI modeling to learn from data and get new answers for your organization.

  • Acceleration

    We deliver the latest insights to your organization swiftly, and through rapid iteration, improve them continuously.

The Centrilogic Advantage

Our people-first approach means we work to create a customized next-generation cloud analytics implementation for our customers. Our deep knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) translates to a comprehensive and capable build-out every time. Our 20-year relationship with Microsoft means we are working closely with its teams on the next iteration of Microsoft Azure and Azure Synapse before they ship. We ensure you are always ready in real-time for what’s next.

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