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Advanced Strategies for Dependability and Compliance

Modern organizations are increasingly pursuing the business advantages of migrating technology platforms and services into the cloud. But unlike the static data centers of the past, the cloud is constantly evolving and changing. So, how your organization secures things in the cloud requires an innovative and finessed approach.

Centrilogic’s security and governance experts build cloud adoption frameworks with your organization’s evolution in mind, understanding where you are in your cloud journey and where you need to be now and in the future.

Mitigation, Alignment, and Performance

Centrilogic’s security and governance services build a cloud-based model with strategic-level management competencies constructed to meet leading standards and frameworks (including NIST and ISO) and that support governance frameworks (i.e., COBIT). Our approach for security and governance for each customer meets the following critical objectives.

  • Strategic Alignment

    Before our team begins a security project, we align with your organization’s business goals, including market competitiveness and operational efficiency.

  • Delivered Value

    Centrilogic’s security and governance services maximize the business value by achieving agreed-upon KPIs and ROI.

  • Risk Mitigation

    Our implementations deliver an ongoing reduction in risk over time.

  • Resource Maximization

    We create operational and cloud security and governance solution models that define processes, appropriate roles, and relevant tools to enhance productivity and efficacy.

  • Sustained Performance

    Across key goal and risk indicators, our efforts perform over time and evolve with future risk and organizational governance targets.

The Centrilogic Advantage

When developing your software pipeline and IT infrastructure, the structure itself can be a common roadblock and the constant evolution of the cloud is a challenge. That’s why our approach begins with educating your organization on the best practices to achieve success in this new paradigm. We then work hand-in-hand with your development and operations teams to create the best combination of risk mitigation and productivity to move your people, process, and tools forward.

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