AWS Managed Services

Simplify Complex Environments with Centrilogic Managed Services for Amazon Web Services

Centrilogic Managed Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides end-to-end migration and management capabilities across the AWS cloud platform.

Our managed services enable customer workloads and applications to run on AWS while realizing the performance, scalability, flexibility, security, and cost-saving benefits that AWS can make possible.

The Centrilogic team owns the prevention, restoral, and resolution of incidents and enables positive business outcomes through monitoring, operating, and optimization of services. Work with certified professionals and technical architects throughout your cloud journey and take advantage of the full capabilities of AWS.

Tailored Solutions Using a Comprehensive Cloud Platform

Centrilogic provides the expertise and management required to enable a cloud-first digital transformation. Our managed services support the migration, solidification, optimization, and automation of workloads and applications on AWS. Realize the true power of your cloud environment as it’s delivered via our Multicloud Management Portal.

  • Managed Services for AWS
    • Proactive monitoring – complete 24/7/365 solution monitoring, saving valuable OpEx and accelerating time to market
    • Single point of accountability for incident management, problem identification, and issue resolution
    • Critical services availability: leverage automation and analytics for proactive and predictive insights, which helps eliminate costly human errors and enable adjustments before issues occur
    • Focus on business outcomes and continuity – backed by SLAs/SLOs
    • Change management: skilled experts and platform-specific resources to carry out operational changes for the entire technology spectrum so you can focus on driving business initiatives
    • Periodic reports – daily, weekly, monthly as per the service level
  • Centrilogic Multicloud Management Portal
    • Single Pane of Glass for cloud management with Centrilogic’s Cloud Management Portal (CMP)
    • Single vendor billing
    • Hybrid Cloud capabilities
    • Access to Centrilogic financial optimization and guidance
    • Cloud Governance and service Optimization of AWS infrastructure
  • Your Client-Centric Team
    • Account Executive – responsible for guiding you through the solution process and overall success of your AWS initiative
    • Customer Success Manager – primary go-to contact for day-to-day requests outside of support and charged with ensuring your success
    • Solution Architect – Certified AWS expert who oversees all technical components of your solution
    • Project Manager – Onboarding, maintaining timelines, tracking notes, and scheduling
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AWS Select Tier Partner

Work with certified professionals and technical architects by leveraging their expert guidance and support.

As an AWS Select Tier Partner, Centrilogic is uniquely positioned to help you. We meet the mandatory knowledge, experience, and customer success requirements to aid you in the progress of your digital transformation. Accelerate your cloud adoption journey by connecting with us today.

The Shared Responsibility Model

The Shared Responsibility Model displays the differentiation of responsibilities between our customers and us, their MSP partner. Adopting hyperscale cloud services such as AWS is a step towards innovative business solutions and high-performance environments.

As illustrated here, the cloud provider will take care of the physical premises’ security and infrastructure. Centrilogic allows companies to leverage our capabilities in order to reduce the operational burden (highlighted in blue) and more effectively utilize the benefits of AWS in the cloud.

The Shared Responsibility Model Diagram

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