Managed Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A fully managed Virtual Private Server solution designed with the performance, reliability, scalability, and security features necessary to deliver enterprise-class applications and workloads 24/7/365.

CentriLogic’s end-to-end management relieves you from the burden of infrastructure and hardware management, ensuring that your internal IT resources are focused on your core business activities. Our solutions are customized to your unique requirements, ultimately providing increased flexibility and control.



  • Guaranteed speed and performance, with secure tenant isolation and IOPS control at the VM level
  • Replication of critical workloads across data centers and enablement of complex Disaster Recovery strategies through software-defined networking
  • Applications and environments secured through data encryption and advanced security features
  • Take full control of compute, memory, and stroage by leveraging Virtual Data Center capabilities



Infrastructure & Technology

  • Powered by enterprise-grade servers and the industry-leading VMware virtualization platform, residing within CentriLogic owned & operated data centers
  • Virtual compute resources delivered to clients in a multitenant environment
  • Standard and custom server sizing defined by customer requirements
  • Fully redundant infrastructure – no single points of failure


  • CentriLogic responsible for: server deployment; operating system (OS) installation; and remote access to client server(s)
  • Ongoing infrastructure management performed by CentriLogic’s certified specialists to ensure availability and performance
  • 24/7/365 support
  • OS & Application management available


  • IOPS control at the VM Level – guaranteed storage performance
  • Unlimited storage scalability
  • Daily snapshots and flexible retention schedules
  • No service deterioration due to oversubscription

Internet Access & Connectivity

  • Flexible connectivity options, including secure VPN access, dedicated layer 2 connectivity, or public internet access
  • Software defined networking, enabling complex Disaster Recovery scenarios
  • Tenant isolation through dedicated high availability firewall

Security & Data Protection

  • PCI DSS & ISO 9001/27001 compliance
  • Guaranteed data residency
  • Real-time encryption of data at rest
  • Secure network isolation
  • Native IPSEC site-to-site VPN

Virtual Data Center Capabilities

  • Option for clients to take complete control of a dedicated pool of compute, memory, storage, and network resources
  • Client maintains full control of Virtual Data Center environment via self-service portal and API

Additional Services

  • OS Management
  • Application Management & Migration
  • Monitoring
  • Application Security
  • Load Balancing


  • Global Footprint: know where your applications are running and where your data resides at all times, mitigating risks associated with data residency and compliance.
  • Hybrid Architecture: connect your Managed VPS environment to existing physical or virtual infrastructure located within CentriLogic facilities, or externally to third party cloud environments via our direct connect services
  • CentriLogic Facilities & Infrastructure: Provisioned from CentriLogic’s data centers and backed by highly redundant networks and services infrastructure, integrated levels of resiliency and fault tolerance, and experienced staff on-site.


CentriLogic VPS Use Cases