Hybrid Hosting

Combine Hosting Platforms to Address Your Application Requirements.

Hybrid Hosting combines physical hosting, virtual hosting, and managed services to build heterogeneous solutions tailored to unique sets of requirements driven by workload and application needs.


  • Not all enterprise-class applications and workloads are cloud-ready.
  • Most enterprise-class IT infrastructures are comprised of many applications and workloads. Hybrid Hosting enables organizations to gradually transition their applications and workloads to the cloud.
  • Hybrid Hosting supports cloud planning – implement the cloud one step or even one application at a time.
  • Create additional scalability, redundancy, and flexibility for your entire IT infrastructure environment.
  • Scale your utilization of cloud resources up or down as required.


CentriLogic’s Hybrid Hosting Connectors provide customers with the ability to integrate co-location, dedicated servers, virtualized environments, and cloud servers to construct a Hybrid Hosting solution. Hybrid Hosting is beneficial to organizations because it enables them to host their interoperable applications and workloads on the most appropriate hosting platforms.

Hybrid Hosting Connectors can connect workloads, applications, and equipment within each CentriLogic Data Center or between multiple CentriLogic Data Centers (in-facility or cross-facility).


  • There are numerous legal, licensing, performance, security, technology, and even corporate governance implications that can result in a workload or application running ineffectively in a Cloud environment.
  • Traditional hosting technologies like co-location, dedicated servers, and virtualization still remain critical components to most organization’s IT strategies.
  • To successfully attain all of the benefits associated with the Cloud, applications must be designed specifically for the Cloud.