Oracle and SQL Server Database Services

Delivering Meaningful Management and More

Our team of certified SQL Server and Oracle database experts have one goal: helping you meet yours. Our deep understanding of the specific opportunities and requirements for SQL and Oracle database environments allows us to move quickly and provide you the flexibility and resiliency you need to keep your databases operating at their best.

Certified Database Experts


Oracle’s on-premise and cloud databases are scalable, reliable, and secure. Shouldn’t your management services be the same? Our team of Oracle database pros ensures you’re making the most of this core business tool and investment.

SQL Server

SQL Server’s database environments provide organizations dependable performance, strong security, and a scalable solution. Our team of SQL Server solution experts helps you get the most out of this critical environment.

Database Management That Goes Beyond Monitoring

From full-time management to as-needed support for your internal team, Centrilogic’s database experts help you keep your databases fully optimized. Our team takes this crucial, but time-consuming task off of your plate, enabling your organization to focus on more strategic projects. Our DBA services for Oracle and SQL Server include:

  • 24/7/365 support across all database services
  • Comprehensive database management and monitoring
  • Daily maintenance for all database environments
  • On-demand database patching and upgrades
  • Proactive bug alerts to avoid costly downtimes
  • Backup and recovery plans
  • Troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and documentation for issues
  • Information management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, archiving, and purging
Migrations, Deployments, Management, and More

Whether you’re already in the cloud, looking to migrate, or ready to deploy your next cloud database, Centrilogic is here to ensure secure, scalable cloud database solutions.

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