Disaster Recovery Services

Protection From the Unexpected

We’re a technology partner no matter the ups and downs, and we’ll be by your organization’s side through the expected and the unforeseen. We offer disaster recovery as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions to enable continuous protection of critical workloads, applications, and data. Our DRaaS offering lets your organization continuously replicate hosting infrastructure and applications, creating failover environments across Centrilogic data centers, client sites, and in the cloud. Additionally, our DRaaS solutions provide greater cyber resiliency and allow for quick recovery in the event of an unexpected interruption or disaster.

Our DRaaS solutions are fully managed and we provide the expertise to provision, configure, and manage the disaster recovery site(s), as well as work with your business to actively test and validate your disaster recovery plans.

Disaster Recovery as a Service Features

No matter if your applications are in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment, Centrilogic can architect disaster recovery services designed to help you recover your data and assets in the event of an unexpected attack or other disaster.

  • Fast and Reliable Disaster Recovery

    Automated and continuous replication of protected environments from primary site to one or more disaster recovery sites

    • Industry leading RTO and RPO parameters
    • Non-disruptive failover testing
    • Seamless failover of virtual machines
    • Automated recovery of network and security settings
    • Backed by Centrilogic SLAs and 24/7/365 support
  • Flexible and Scalable to Your Needs
    • Fully managed disaster recovery solution
    • Custom infrastructure architecture to support hybrid environments and unique client requirements
    • Leverage Centrilogic’s full suite of hosting services: co-location, cloud, and managed hosting
    • Scalable, secure, and redundant infrastructure
    • Supported by supplementary services, including managed storage, backups, monitoring, security, and Emergency Space seating
    • Automated orchestration for consistent recovery
    • Client-specific consultation and Disaster Recovery planning
  • Global Failover Environments
    • Failover between Centrilogic data centers, on-premises, and cloud environments
    • Recovery sites across Canada, USA, and the UK
    • Guaranteed domestic data residency
  • RTO & RPO Options
    Tiers RTO RPO
    Standard 24 Hours 2 Hours
    Enhanced 12 Hours 2 Hours
    Premium 2 Hours 15 Minutes


Supplementary Recovery Services

Whether you co-locate equipment with Centrilogic or rely on our experts to supply and manage your critical equipment and data, we’re dedicated to providing best-in-class professional and managed solutions to satisfy all of your requirements.

Consultation and Migration Services

Define a comprehensive replication and migration strategy covering all workloads, applications, and data.

Emergency Space Seating

Emergency workspace and seating for key staff, complete with workstations, connectivity, and telephony.

Managed Backups, Storage, and eVaulting

Provide greater levels of redundancy for your critical data.

Native Application Replication

Continuously replicate native applications between primary and secondary sites.

Hardware Management for Non-Virtualized Workloads

Fully managed physical servers, including provisioning, configuration, maintenance, and administration.

Managed VPS

Fully managed virtual private servers powered by enterprise-grade servers and industry-leading hardware, delivered from Centrilogic’s data centers.

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