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The latest in emerging technology developments and continuously blurring network boundaries call for more than just conventional security architectures. Today’s complex and ever-changing cybersecurity environment demands experienced leadership to tackle evolving threats. But not every organization has the bandwidth to support an in-house chief information security officer (CISO).

Centrilogic’s CISO-as-a-Service is a comprehensive solution that connects your organization with experts who add leadership, value, commitment, and dynamic capability to your cybersecurity implementations. Choosing CISO-as-a-Service empowers you with access to a wide array of industry resources, dynamic frameworks that fit the requirements of your enterprise, and the required tools to execute and measure the results of your security efforts.

Plug and Play Cybersecurity Leadership for the Future

Centrilogic’s CISO-as-a-Service manages your complete cybersecurity portfolio from scoping and strategizing to implementation, including:

  • Ready, Set, CISO

    We give your organization direct access to a CISO and supporting team of specialists with exhaustive knowledge across security technologies and best practices.


  • Cybersecurity Game Plan

    With a comprehensive assessment, our team identifies your information security maturity, threats, needed protection, and regulatory requirements. Centrilogic experts then formulate an information technology and cybersecurity strategy that implements and maintains the must-haves. With a clearly outlined roadmap, our team then continues to extend the maturity of your data security.

  • Competitive Packaging

    Our CISO-as-a-Service provides your organization with a comprehensive and cost-effective method of maintaining information security systems and managing your risk.

The Centrilogic Advantage

Centrilogic’s CISO-as-a-Service can be tailored to meet the requirements of all sized enterprises. By starting with a thorough assessment of your needs, we understand which offerings are the best fit for your organization. Our team of experts then proposes a customized implementation that combines our breadth of knowledge, experience, and expertise across the security vertical.

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