Security Assessment

Identify Security Gaps and Vulnerabilities

Centrilogic’s security assessments identify security threats, vulnerabilities, and potential penetration points to protect crucial systems, data, and applications. Our comprehensive service evaluates an organization’s current information security program and infrastructure so you can be more prepared and secure in the future.

Centrilogic security assessment experts can help identify vulnerabilities and develop a plan to protect systems, data, and applications in the future. Our team will help you document processes, identify any program and technology gaps, and recommend steps to innovate and grow securely.

Cybersecurity Assessments That Meet Every Requirement

The Centrilogic security assessment team helps secure the technical foundation of your business. Our team works side-by-side with you to identify internal and external security gaps and vulnerabilities across critical devices, applications, and networks. Centrilogic’s actionable plan and guidance help to optimize your security costs, maintain compliance, and proactively prepare you for emergent threats, empowering you to drive and scale your business securely and without worry.

Our security assessment strategies are designed for every scenario, including:

  • Security Incident / Data Breach

    With advanced testing protocols, Centrilogic’s security researchers are just a phone call away to perform immediate and in-depth analysis to rapidly remediate data penetrations and fix current and future security flaws.

  • Vendor or Customer Requirements

    Our technical expertise guides organizations that need assistance with their network and security programs due to customer or vendor compliance requirements.

  • Compliance and Regulations

    In the complex world of regulations and standards, Centrilogic certified experts help ensure you’re on the right path to compliance with government regulations, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, and GLBA.

  • Reputation and Expectations

    As the technologies that comprise the digital structures that support organizations grow ever more complex, we can guide your proactive investment in security controls across a cloud, informational technology, or operational technology environment, regardless of compliance requirements.

Designed for Speed, Resilience, and Scale

Centrilogic can help design a security protocol for dynamic speed and scale. We empower organizations with advanced technical expertise and understanding at every stage of the security journey. Our team can help you proactively validate current security programs and practices, identify known security risks and vulnerabilities before they are exploited, and create an actionable plan to remediate issues and fortify IT environment resiliency and performance.

And as your guide, Centrilogic can prepare your organization for audits and other reviews and ensure compliance and regulatory requirements are continuously met. Our security assessment services can be performed at your convenience, either onsite or remotely and across various technology environments.

We apply time-tested approaches and methodologies to our security assessment based on best-in-class industry standards and practices, such as the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). These standards are accepted globally across multiple industries and verticals, including government, banking, and healthcare.

The Centrilogic Advantage

Our proven security team brings years of experience to each engagement and is professionally trained and certified in leading technologies, including VMware, Microsoft, and Cisco. Centrilogic also provides our clients with continuous guidance with a dedicated team of professionals and project managers who collaborate to ensure services are performing as expected and walk with you along every step of the way.

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Our Deep Security Expertise Keeps Your Cloud Safe

With the swift move of services and solutions to the cloud, misconfigured cloud services are fast becoming one of the leading causes of data breaches. Whether your environments are in Azure or AWS, Centrilogic brings our unique, comprehensive, and thorough methodology to all cloud-based environments. Our managed cloud security services will keep you ahead of any vulnerabilities with 24/7/365 support for your most critical solutions.

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