Business Continuity

The cost of downtime is high.

  • Loss of Revenue and opportunity.
  • Lack of customer confidence, customer loyalty and brand reputation.
  • Image and credibility.
  • Disruption in your day-to-day business.

“Gartner estimates that two out of five enterprises that experience a disaster will go out of business within five years of the event”Jim Browning, VP Gartner

We offer a number of Disaster Recovery solutions to help protect your company from the costs of downtime. CentriLogic can either act as your primary IT system or back-up. In either case, we can deploy a comprehensive business continuity solution to help you protect your business.


  • Your disaster recovery plan requires hot, warm, or cold site services.
  • You run business or mission-critical applications.
    • e-Commerce application and websites.
    • Supply-chain or ERP systems.
    • Key internal systems such as CRM & Email.
  • Corporate or regulatory compliance requires off-site archives.


  • System Restore Services: We’ll help bring you back on-line quickly and efficiently.
  • Cold Site Service: Provides a secondary system at a CentriLogic facility to which your backup data can be transferred.
  • Warm/Hot Site Service: We provide a secondary system at a CentriLogic facility to which data can be mirrored from the primary site for system recovery, within minutes.
  • Hardware Replacement: For companies requiring hardware for disaster recovery operations, we offer drop-ship solutions.
  • Vaulting & eVaulting: Off-site storage of backups and data.
  • Virtualized Hosting: Server virtualization on a variety of equipment and operating systems.


CentriLogic can provide customers with emergency work space for key staff, equipped with workstations, connectivity, and telephones, along with standard office amenities to keep your business running in the event of a disaster.