Emergency Space

Emergency work space for your key technical staff.

CentriLogic can provide customers with fully functioning emergency space for your key staff, equipped with workstations, connectivity, and telephony along with standard office amenities to keep your business running around the clock in the event of a disaster.

Emergency Space Standard Features

  • Ethernet Port
  • Shared High Speed Internet (Firewalled)
  • Shared Printer, Fax and Copier
  • Shared Meeting Space
  • Shared Kitchen Space
Business Continuity Seats Shared Dedicated
Ethernet port checkmark checkmark
Shared High Speed internet (Firewalled) checkmark checkmark
Shared Printer, Fax and copier checkmark checkmark
Shared Meeting Space checkmark checkmark
Shared Kitchen Space checkmark checkmark

 Emergency Space Optional Features

  • Desktop/Laptop, Telephone with Voicemail
  • Dedicated Printer, Fax or Copier
  • Dedicated Network Connection
  • Private Modular Office with Locked Door
  • Complete Customization of Workspace
Optional Services Available Shared Dedicated
Desktop/Laptop,Telephone with Voicemail checkmark checkmark
Dedicated Printer, Fax or Copier checkmark checkmark
Dedicated Network Connection checkmark
Private Modular Office with locked door checkmark
Complete customization of workspace checkmark