Remote Managed Services

Designed to help you support your infrastructure, even if it is outside of our facilities.

We understand that due to compliance, performance, security, international usage, or a myriad of other reasons, not all of your infrastructure will reside with us. That does not reduce your need to monitor, manage, and analyze these disparate systems. Our Remote Managed Services can be applied to almost any accessible location in the world. Our team of experienced system administrators are ready to help you manage any of your systems, regardless of where they happen to be located.

Designed for your organization if…

  • You have multiple systems distributed around the globe.
  • Corporate or regulatory compliance measures have dispersed parts of your infrastructure to other locations.
  • The technical skills you require are not available in the locations where your equipment is located.

Solution Features

  • Monitoring: Agent-based or agent-less monitoring of remote networks, systems, and applications.
  • Remote Support & Administration: Remote KVM and terminal devices as well as secure VPNs means we can being our experience to bear to assist with incident management, recovery, repair, or upgrades.
  • Remote Firewall & VPN: The ability to securely access your remote systems is critical for effective monitoring and management.
  • Backup, Archival, & Vaulting: We can back up your remote systems or data to our facilities.