Webinar: Beyond Lift and Shift

So, you’re planning to go to Cloud? You may not be as prepared as you think…

Moving existing applications and workloads as-is from a traditional hosted environment to the Cloud is a great first step, but you won’t realize the cloud’s full potential if you take a “set it and forget it” approach. You may even cause more harm than good. Is your organization prepared?

Microsoft Azure – Beyond Lift & Shift is a complimentary webinar detailing the best practices and risks that need to be considered after you’ve migrated to the cloud. In this session, we cover topics including:

  • Subscription & Management Groups
  • Cost Reporting & Budgets
  • Monitoring
  • Advanced Security Center Considerations
  • Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Azure - Beyond Lift and Shift WebinarMicrosoft Azure - Beyond Lift and Shift Webinar
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