Webinar: Cyber Resilience – Rethinking Your Data Protection Strategies in the Age of Ransomware

Did you know that Ransomware threats increased by over 300% last year?

This year, industry experts are expecting the frequency and severity of these attacks to get worse. For most companies, current Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions are not equipped to handle the power of modern cyber threats.

Cyber Resilience – Rethinking your Data Protection Strategies in the Age of Ransomware is a complimentary webinar detailing the best approach on how to transform your data protection strategies to ensure you can protect critical data and resume operations almost instantly in the event of a ransomware attack.

  • Best practices to mitigate risk in an Era of Change
  • How to prepare and respond in the event of an attack
  • The role of Replication and other best practices in modern recovery solutions
  • How Centrilogic and Zerto’s combined offering can help your organization mitigate risk and recover fast
Disaster Recovery as a Service
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