Webinar: “Cybersecurity: A Required Pillar for Digital Transformation”

Explore how Cybersecurity has evolved with recent changes in technical architecture and why it is a required pillar for digital transformation.

Cybersecurity: A Required Pillar for Digital Transformation is a complimentary webinar detailing your organization’s security posture and the associated risks and vulnerabilities, common mistakes to avoid, and practical tips to help you support the adoption of Cybersecurity in your organization.

In this session, Steven Cohen, Centrilogic’s VP of Cybersecurity Practice and his team of cybersecurity experts cover topics including:

  • The importance of Network Security
  • Top 10 Network Security gaps
  • Network best practices
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management framework
  • Centrilogic’s holistic approach to Cybersecurity

If you missed the webinar, click here to download the full deck presented by Steven and his team.
They’ve also answered detailed questions at the end of the event.
To access the full Q&A, click here.

Cybersecurity Webinar
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