Centrilogic Announces Acquisition of Adveniat Corporation

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – August 28, 2014 – Centrilogic, a global provider of cloud, managed hosting, co-location and advanced IT outsourcing solutions, today announces the purchase of Adveniat Corporation, a U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) data center operator and hosting services provider. The deal represents Centrilogic’s third acquisition in the past 18 months. Centrilogic has nine data centers in seven markets throughout Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and now the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Centrilogic brings to the USVI substantial experience in enterprise-class hosting and infrastructure services for e-commerce and payment processing activities worldwide. The USVI is an increasingly attractive hosting destination for e-commerce companies because it offers up to a 90 percent reduction in income tax liability on qualifying revenues harmonized to U.S. Treasury Department regulations[1]. The area is also a critical telecommunications hub connecting South America, Central America, and the Caribbean to North America and Europe. The University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park (RTPark), an economic development entity chartered by the USVI Government with statutory authority to extend tax incentives to qualifying knowledge-based and e-commerce businesses, selected Adveniat Corporation in 2008 as its first approved strategic partner, and Adveniat is the exclusive provider of managed hosting services to RTPark tenants.

Adveniat Corporation operates a Tier 1, N+2, data center in the USVI, which has the largest single concentration of unused Internet bandwidth in the world. With this acquisition, Centrilogic customers can now leverage the company’s always-available and secure hosting solutions delivered from the USVI data center while also having the opportunity through RTPark to qualify for income tax reductions on revenues generated from e-commerce and digital media activities in the USVI.

“By acquiring Adveniat we have established Centrilogic as the RTPark’s premier independent gateway and hosting provider, and we are now the first carrier-neutral managed hosting provider in the USVI” says Robert Offley, President & CEO. “With a state-of-the-art data center and fiber connectivity in the USVI, we can now directly support customers who are looking for both reliable managed hosting solutions and significant income tax savings. We are also motivated to help fulfill the RTPark’s goal of attracting competitive and innovative e-commerce business to the region and helping develop the economies of its USVI Territories.”

“This is a great opportunity for our current and prospective customers to work with a world-class organization to support their growing demands. We are very proud of what Adveniat has done for the technology sector in the US Virgin Islands and we are looking forward to its future growth with Centrilogic” said Corey Blanton COO of Adveniat Corporation.

“Adveniat has been an ideal partner for RTPark and we are delighted to take this next step forward with Centrilogic,” said David M. Zumwalt, Executive Director of RTPark. “RTPark’s economic development mandate is to foster the growth of knowledge-based and e-commerce industry in the USVI, and Centrilogic brings proven capability to support the businesses we are attracting to the territory.”

Centrilogic’s acquisition of Adveniat Corporation is also strategic to its global expansion program and provides the company the ability to better serve customers throughout the Caribbean and Southern Hemisphere. Centrilogic will have direct interconnectivity between its existing facilities, thereby extending its comprehensive portfolio of services to enterprise-class customers in major emerging markets.

About Centrilogic

Centrilogic is a global provider of managed hosting, cloud computing, and advanced IT outsourcing solutions. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Centrilogic works with customers to develop adaptable and dependable IT solutions that support their unique application and workload requirements. The company’s dedication to a customer-centric philosophy has earned it the trust of some of the world’s leading companies and visionaries. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Rochester, New York, USA, Centrilogic owns and operates data center facilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit www.centrilogic.com.

About Adveniat

Adveniat Corporation operates a Tier 1, N+2, data center in the USVI in facilities designed to remain fully operational during earthquakes and major hurricane winds. Adveniat delivers managed hosting, virtualization, custom server architecture and disaster recovery services to enterprise customers from the telecom, education, government and finance industries.

About the University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park (RTPark)

The University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park (RTPark) was chartered in 2002 by the USVI Legislature to lead technology-based economic development in the USVI. RTPark has statutory authority to administer tax incentives for qualifying knowledge-based and e-commerce businesses, subject to rigorous application, due diligence and ongoing compliance monitoring processes. For more information, visit www.uvirtpark.com.