Centrilogic Woos Global Enterprises with New Downtown Toronto Data Center

TORONTO, Ontario – December 15, 2011 – Centrilogic, a provider of data center solutions to global enterprises, has opened a state-of-the-art, multi-million-dollar facility on York Street in highly coveted downtown Toronto. From the 16,000-square-foot data center, Centrilogic will provide comprehensive co-location, cloud computing, hybrid hosting and managed services to clients around the world.

The new facility is strategic to Centrilogic as it heads into 2012. In the past year, more clients have asked for hybrid solutions, prompting the need for a footprint large enough to accommodate Centrilogic’s considerable capabilities in this area.  Meanwhile, a center on York Street, within a few hundred feet of Canada’s primary network hub located at 151 Front Street, enables Centrilogic to provide customers with optimal network, bandwidth and latency capabilities. 151 Front Street houses Canada’s leading telecommunications companies and is comparable to other prominent North American carrier hotels such as 60 Hudson in New York City, or One Wilshire in Los Angeles.

“Our new facility fulfills the requirements set by customers wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure to a data center in the downtown core, directly within Canada’s telecommunications epicenter,” said Robert Offley, President and CEO at Centrilogic. “Unlike many of our competitors, Centrilogic now offers a full suite of data center solutions throughout the Greater Toronto Area.”

“It is expected that the Canadian hosting market will grow 11% in 2012” said Mark Schrutt, Director, Services & Enterprise Applications, for IDC Canada.  “Ontario is the largest segment and Toronto is particularly strong due to heavy demand, where demand outstrips supply.  This expansion in Toronto’s downtown core provides needed capacity for Centrilogic’s portfolio of hosting and cloud services.”

The York Street facility significantly expands Centrilogic’s local and international footprints.  The company’s existing infrastructure consists of redundant interconnected data centers in Southern Ontario and Western New York, with expansion programs in place at facilities in Western Canada and Europe.

As businesses gradually migrate their data storage and applications to the cloud and other virtualized environments, providers are expected to offer hybrid hosting solutions that combine aspects of co-location, cloud computing, virtualized servers and dedicated hardware.  Hybrid hosting solutions enable customers to use cloud services for some applications and dedicated hardware for other applications that may not be suitable for virtualized environments.

“Centrilogic’s current infrastructure at 151 Front Street is primarily allocated to virtual hosting and cloud computing environments,” said Jim Latimer, Centrilogic’s Chief Strategy Officer.  “For some customers, however, virtualization and cloud may not be the most appropriate solutions. For others, the transition from a traditional co-located environment to a virtual environment will take place over time. Centrilogic will utilize the new facility to extend our existing downtown infrastructure, and provide tailored, hybrid hosting solutions designed to accommodate each customer’s unique needs.”

About Centrilogic

Centrilogic is a trusted provider of international hybrid hosting and data center solutions for organizations that gain advantage by outsourcing their hosting requirements, with global headquarters in Canada and data center facilities in Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario and Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Unlike other hosting companies, Centrilogic uses insights derived from a custome -first philosophy to deliver a broad range of agile and elastic solutions designed to meet evolving IT infrastructure outsourcing needs.