Azure Case Study: Finastra

Creating the World’s First Open API Platform for Financial Software

Finastra Financial Software Solutions

Finastra is the third largest FinTech company in the world. It was formed in 2017 by the merger of D+H from Canada and Misys from the UK.

The company provides a wide range of back-office systems for Banks around the world. And for over 5 years now, Centrilogic has been a trusted technology partner: first for D+H in Canada, and now for Finastra in the US and Europe.

Business Problem

Finastra has embarked on a truly ambitious plan: to deliver the world’s first open cloud development platform for Banks and FinTechs.

The project is called Fusion Fabric, and it involves migrating hundreds of Finastra’s mission-critical software applications – from ATMs to mortgage processing – to the Azure Cloud.

The goal is to create an open API cloud platform that will allow any company’s financial applications to smoothly integrate with Finastra’s proven back-end products and technology.

Since this project will ultimately touch nearly all of Finastra’s products, the stakes are extremely high. But it is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to deliver a global financial software platform. So it was a bet that Finastra was willing to take.


How We Helped Our Customer

Finastra consulted with several different technology firms to evaluate the best way to implement this ambitious project. In the end, it was Centrilogic who showed them how they could use the power of Microsoft Azure together with Kubernetes, to implement their vision of an open API global software platform.

To meet their initial soft launch date, Finastra needed secure private clusters in Kubernetes. But at the time, that was not yet available on Azure.   So Centrilogic’s software engineers created the code that was needed to implement that in Kubernetes. After a thorough review by Microsoft, Centrilogic’s new code was committed to the official Kubernetes Git repository, so that Finastra and all other Microsoft customers could have early access to this key feature.


Centrilogic later won an Innovation award from Microsoft for helping to implement Kubernetes as the backbone for Finastra’s financial software platform.

Centrilogic has also designed and implemented the automated Build, Test and Deployment pipelines for delivering the back-end infrastructure of Fusion Fabric. These pipelines allowed software to be deployed faster and with much higher quality and resiliency than had been possible before.

Centrilogic has now also helped design and create an exciting new “self-service” platform. It can automatically create hardened and secure cloud environments for software teams across Finastra. Setting up new Azure environments used to take many weeks and involve many different people. The new self-service platform now does that work in minutes.

Centrilogic has been a key partner in helping Finastra deliver on it’s vision of creating the world’s first open API platform for financial software.

Key Technologies Used

  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure API/Gateway MGT
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Azure Bastion
  • Azure CDN
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure Keyvaults
  • Python
  • Azure CLI
  • Azure Network Gateways
  • Kubernetes Op. Dev (KOPF)
  • Powershell Scripting
  • Azure Devops

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