Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Expand their Interoperability Partnership

It’s no secret that many companies across the globe have designed their IT environments with a combination of Microsoft and Oracle systems and services. The ability to seamlessly connect them has proven to be difficult, however, and can serve as a roadblock for many on the path towards cloud adoption and complete IT transformation.

To address these challenges, the two companies joined forces and announced a cloud interoperability partnership for Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The partnership has continued to evolve since its launch in 2019 and allows Azure & OCI customers to migrate and run enterprise workloads across both Public Cloud platforms. This partnership has given customers the ability to connect Azure services to Oracle Cloud services; such as Microsoft Analytics and AI to Oracle’s Autonomous Database. Allowing customers to run a segment of a workload within Azure and a different segment of that same workload within Oracle Cloud creates a high-performing and efficient cloud experience across both platforms simultaneously.

This major interoperability partnership provides organizations with the ability to consolidate workloads and accelerate their migrations faster and more effectively, taking advantage of the full value of the public cloud through more agility, scalability, and efficiency than before. By leveraging this cloud collaboration between Azure and Oracle, customers are now being able to take advantage of an entirely new set of capabilities which include:

  • Seamlessly connecting the two clouds and giving customers the ability to expand their on-premises data centers to both Azure and Oracle clouds, with availability in Canada, USA, and the UK.
  • Access management and unified identity through a collective login experience with automated user provisioning; to have the ability to manage resources across both Azure and Oracle Cloud. Also offered: Oracle applications can use Azure Active Directory as the identity provider, as well as for conditional access.
  • A supported categorization of custom applications and packaged Oracle applications (i.e. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Oracle Retail, Hyperion) on Azure with Oracle databases (RAC, Exadata, Autonomous Database) deployed in Oracle Cloud. The same Oracle applications will also be certified to run on Azure with Oracle databases in Oracle Cloud.
  • A collaborative support model to help IT organizations deploy these new capabilities while at the same time allowing them to leverage existing customer support relationships and processes.
  • Oracle Database will maintain its certification to operate in Azure on a variety of different operating systems which include Windows Server and Oracle Linux.

On top of these exciting new features and capabilities, organizations of all industries will look to reap the benefits this partnership will deliver to its customers, including:

  • Making lift-and-improve migrations seamless
  • Delivering direct, fast, and reliable network connectivity between two clouds
  • Continuing to deliver first-class customer service and support
  • Making it simpler for companies to scale and deliver capabilities across channels
  • Giving the flexibility and ongoing support to continue leveraging standard architectures, while allowing customers to focus on achieving business payoffs and increasing returns
  • Delivering high performance, easy integrations, precise service level agreements, and collaborative enterprise support in which IT departments require in order to simplify and consolidate their operations for more efficiency
  • Running custom applications on Azure backed by Oracle’s Autonomous Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Supporting new scenarios such as running Oracle E-Business Suite or Oracle JD Edwards on Azure against an Oracle Autonomous Database running on Exadata infrastructure in Oracle Cloud
  • Providing interoperability for customers running Oracle software on Oracle Cloud and Microsoft software on Azure

As a certified Microsoft and Oracle partner, Centrilogic has developed a portfolio of managed services designed to help customers achieve the performance, scalability, and agility benefits associated with Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to work with customers across all industries who are looking to benefit from this new and exciting interoperability partnership.

Centrilogic’s Managed Public Cloud services are designed to help customers migrate, deploy, and effectively manage workloads and applications on Public Cloud services and ensure that positive business outcomes are reached through successful adoption and utilization of the chosen cloud platform. Whether your organization chooses Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform, or the interconnect of Azure and Oracle, Centrilogic can support your cloud journey in the following areas:

  • Journey to the Cloud – Public Cloud Migration Services
  • 24/7/365 Support-As-A-Service
  • Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
  • Serverless-As-A-Service

If you’d like to read more in-depth about these features and offerings, please visit our page, Managed Public Cloud to learn more about how we can help your organization find success with your journey to the cloud. Furthermore, feel free to contact one of our experts here to inquire how our team at Centrilogic can help your company leverage the Public Cloud; or more specifically the interconnect of Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in order for you to take full advantage of this dynamic and robust service offering on the market.

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