Network Services

Private Network Services provide you with fast, flexible, and secure access to your infrastructure, content, and applications.Diagram illustrating the CentriLogic network ecosystem.


CentriLogic’s fully managed private network services connect your multi-site business over a secure, private, and customized network that is both cloud-enabled and voice-ready. Our networks are highly reliable, custom engineered, and tailored to your specific business requirements. They also deliver on availability and performance, ensuring your business is always online and available.


  • Custom Engineered Fully Private Network
  • Carrier Redundancy and Technology Diversity
  • Global Network Coverage
  • Network Application Prioritization
  • Private Layer 2 Network Connectivity
  • Full Network Management & Monitoring
  • Designed, Deployed, and Supported by One Vendor
  • Multiple Network Service Options including Fibre, Cable, ADSL, T1, and Wireless
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for Private, Secure, and Reliable Traffic Routing


Our Private Network solutions are safe, secure, and completely private from the public internet and other shared multi-client networks. We use Private Layer 2 circuits that are engineered to bypass the public internet, eliminating the security, latency, and other overhead issues that plague competing technologies. We also custom configure and design a dedicated central router, physically separating your network from everyone else’s.

The quality of our Private Networks are superior to VPN and other shared multi-client networks. The time we take to design and customize a solution that works for your business ensures your mission critical data and applications are always protected and performing at optimum levels.


Each unique Private Network solution is custom designed to fit each customer’s unique requirements. CentriLogic’s Network Architects and Engineers consider your previous challenges, current needs, future demands, and budget when designing a network solution that works for your business. We also prioritize reliability, performance, and user experience, as well as carrier and technology redundancy to ensure your network is always online and available.


Network services are supported by 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure your network is always performing at its best. Our constant monitoring, alerting, automatic ticket escalation, and remote diagnostics are critical services that give our customers peace of mind.


We deliver technology and carrier diverse network solutions, eliminating the risks associated with any single points of failure. This ensures the networks our customers depend on are always online and available, and performing optimally at all times.


We provide an end-to-end solution, eliminating the complexity and risk associated with managing multiple vendors, carriers, contracts, points of failure, and support teams. We deliver a complete network solution, from Local Area Network (LAN) switching, Wi-Fi and branch routers, to central routers, firewalls, and Internet transit. We also provide a range of hosting, cloud computing, managed services, and advanced technology solutions that encompass the entire IT environment, as well as data center facilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.


  • Network & Firewall Management & Monitoring
  • Burstable Internet Transit
  • Remote VPN Access for Mobility and Home Access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Configuration
  • LAN Equipment including Switches & Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Cisco SmartNet Coverage for Critical Network Equipment
  • Hosting, Managed Services, and Cloud Computing Solutions
  • Data Centre Co-location & Disaster Recovery Options
  • Expert Consulting, Support, and Solution Architecture