Store and protect your valuable business data with Managed Storage Services

As businesses continue to generate unprecedented amounts of data, it’s important to ensure that it is protected and accessible on an ongoing basis. To address these growing storage requirements, we have developed flexible tiers of Managed Storage Services designed to fulfill the unique needs of your business. Additionally, we have architected our storage services to be compatible across our entire portfolio of hosting services, including co-location, managed hosting, and cloud.


Reliable and Scalable Offerings


  • Defined quality of services (QoS) controls prevent “noisy neighbour” interruption
  • Fully encrypted data at rest
  • Dedicated IOPS (up to 40,000)
  • High-speed read/write capabilities
  • RTO < 1 hour
  • Designed for high-performance applications including e-commerce, financial transactions, data mining, business processing, and more


  • Mid-range performance for standard business applications
  • Standard speed read/write capabilities
  • RTO Up to 4 hours
  • Designed for bulk storage, backup, disaster recovery, big data and several other use cases


  • Secure, durable, and near-line storage designed to support long and short term archival, reference data, cold storage, inactive data, and more
  • Standard speed read/write capabilities
  • RTO < 24 hours



  • Reduce costs by provisioning storage capacity and performance based on your unique requirements
  • Optimize your investment by matching the right Managed Storage option to the right application or workload


  • Backed by CentriLogic SLAs
  • Designed to support Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity requirements


  • A wide range of storage technologies support complex customer requirements
  • Storage is compatible across all CentriLogic co-location, managed hosting, and cloud environments

CentriLogic Management & Support

  • Managed Storage services are architected, delivered, and supported by CentriLogic certified and accredited experts
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support


  • Data encryption protects customer data
  • Only authorized users, workloads, and applications can access data

Data Sovereignty

  • All managed storage infrastructure and services are delivered from CentriLogic’s global data centers
  • Guaranteed data residency, ensuring your data never traverses geopolitical boundaries