Webinar: “JDE 1099 Financials (in 3 Days)”

Centrilogic’s JDE 1099 financial expert, Grant McIver, hosts an informative session on JDE Financials (AP 1099) with the intent of showing you exactly what you need to do (the must-haves) to ensure that the 1099 process is fully understood and that you can submit your 1099s accurately, on-time, and with comfort.

The content is organized into three parts that are meant to illustrate how to perform the actual steps in three days.

Topics include:
• Day 1 – ESU Updates, UDC/AAI updates, Versions, Changes for 2021, BI Publisher & Forms
• Day 2 – Data Preparation: Company Setup, Vendor Setup, Analysis & Global Updates
• Day 3 – Process, Print, & File: Workfile processing, Adjustments, Preview, Forms & E-Files

This webinar will focus on the AP Method for 1099s.

A separate webinar covering the GL Method is available here.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with a deeper understanding of how you can better optimize your 1099 process, and gain practical tips to ensure that your company has enough time to gather all the necessary information you need to prepare for tax season.

Webinar: JDE 1099 Financials in 3 Days
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