Top 5 Benefits of Managed Hosting and Managed IT Services

CentriLogic-Top5BenefitsManaged hosting and supplementary managed IT services allow organizations to outsource the management of their entire IT infrastructure to a trusted provider. This activity enables a company to focus on core competencies without having to worry about or maintain their internal IT environments. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why managed hosting and managed services can be beneficial to an organization’s IT strategy:

1. Peace of mind with security and expertise: Outsourcing the daily management activities of your IT environment and infrastructure means you and your internal IT team(s) can focus on core competencies and business goals. Organizations will achieve peace of mind knowing their IT environments and infrastructure are proactively maintained by highly skilled technical specialists. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about maintaining IT hardware, managing an on-site data center, or monitoring your applications; the experts will take care of all of that for you.

Managed hosting and managed services providers that own and operate global data centers often have incorporated several layers of redundancy covering security, network connectivity, and power to ensure that there are no single points of failure. These facilities are very sophisticated and have comprehensive measures and processes in place to ensure customer data, applications, and services are highly secure and highly available at all times. Providers also have established procedures in place to guarantee uptime and service delivery, including access to key vendors and internet providers to ensure connectivity is redundant at all times. Furthermore, providers with interconnectivity capabilities can work with customers to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure failover to a secondary site should there be a critical outage at the customer’s primary facility.

2. Customized solutions support evolving needs: Sophisticated providers will architect a managed IT solution that is fully customized to an organization’s unique set(s) of requirements. This allows an organization to scale their environment as they grow, and combine various technologies to support varying workload and performance requirements. An adaptable managed hosting provider truly becomes an extension of your internal IT team, allowing you to access technical experts and senior IT resources at any time. They can advise you on infrastructure architecture, IT strategies, and in the development of an IT hosting solution that scales appropriately to your unique business and technical needs.

3. Forego hiring additional support staff: Outsourcing IT management and infrastructure to a third-party vendor means you don’t have to invest in additional resources or staff members to support your critical IT infrastructure and applications. Specialized skill sets and having a team available to support operations 24/7 can be costly, and does not make economic sense to a business that does not specialize in IT.

With a managed hosting provider, you also have access to technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an issue arises, technical support is available at no additional cost. You also have one single point of contact for all IT related needs and support issues. This enables organizations to save time, money, and resources by not having to deal with multiple vendors and hiring additional IT support staff.

4. Accelerate growth and global expansions: When a company outsources their IT management activities they are able to accelerate growth and global expansion initiatives. Managed hosting providers with international operations often have the ability to deploy IT infrastructure and replicate services and solutions in any of their global facilities, saving clients the time and money required to hire additional IT resources needed to support expansion. By partnering with a sound managed services partner, companies can also provision services with minimal lead time should unanticipated demand occur.

When evaluating a managed services provider, it is important to consider their geographic reach and whether or not they have local support and staff. You should choose a provider with a presence in a region your business could potentially grow to, ensuring your IT infrastructure, applications, and operations are supported. This strategy also enables a business to enter a new market with lower overhead costs, reduced latency to end-users in that region, and minimal barriers to entry, therefore supporting growth and expansion initiatives much more comfortably.

5. Reduce costs and save time: Engaging with a trusted vendor means you will have predictable monthly costs to cover your entire IT infrastructure and environment.You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs, buying additional hardware and equipment, or spending time maintaining your on premise infrastructure. Transitioning to a managed hosting and managed services provider enables organizations to gradually transition their IT provisioning from a CAPEX to an OPEX model. Providers that accommodate transitioning can also help companies salvage any existing investments they have made on hardware or systems that are still operational.

Managed hosting and managed services providers typically have thresholds and automated hardware procurement policies in place, ensuring that their customers receive the best rates and fastest speeds of provisioning possible for any additional hardware or licensing engagements. With a managed services provider, there is also little room for error as providers diligently work to monitor and maintain customer environments. Customers are able to save on the costs associated with downtime, as providers are able to identify security issues and potential service interruptions much more efficiently, and have preventative measures in place to mitigate any risks.

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