How to avoid a Data Center overrun with idle servers

In a recent article by IT World, John Abbett, Director of Advanced Technology Services at CentriLogic, shares his thoughts on discovering idle and unused servers in data centers. From his experience in helping customers with data center migrations, a lot of these servers are older and are only discovered when it is time to migrate from one provider to another. John argues about 75% of customers have at least some servers not being used, and larger data center environments are more likely to have idle servers that no one knows about. Additionally, many servers are never decommissioned or re-purposed once their user changes roles or does not require the use of the server anymore, which adds to the problem.

According to John, “Over time, what you find is people with the knowledge of the environment [changing] jobs…and there is no knowledge transfer. No one knows what those servers are [doing] so they don’t touch them. They assume if it’s there, it’s running in production, and they don’t do anything with it”

So how can we fix the problem? The full IT World article suggests ways to prevent the problem from happening in the first place and dives deeper into some of the implications that may result. Please click here to read the complete article and to learn more.