When Cloud Customers Need a White Glove

CentriLogic President and CEO, Robert Offley, wrote a blog post for WIRED Insights discussing the increase in cloud computing adoption amongst organizations and how it isn’t always an easy strategy to implement. Customers with hybrid infrastructures, multiple applications, and rigid requirements and integration needs can find the implementation of a cloud computing strategy to be both challenging and resource intensive. To combat these challenges, Robert details the five factors organizations need to consider before transitioning to a cloud-based strategy:

  • Staff
  • Processes
  • Need for Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation

We’re finding that decisions around moving to the cloud are more about a customer’s applications and business requirements, than corporate culture or the CXO’s comfort level. Despite the appealing economics of the public cloud, the DIY nature of that path isn’t always feasible or ideal.

Please visit Robert’s blog on WIRED Insights to read the full article and learn more about implementing a “white glove” approach to cloud services.