CentriLogic Upgrades Managed Virtual Private Server Offering

Clients now benefit from guaranteed IOPS, disaster recovery strategies, and enhanced security

TORONTO, ON – February 23, 2017 – CentriLogic announces today major enhancements to its managed virtual private server (VPS) offering, a popular service that delivers enterprise class applications and workloads in a fully managed virtual environment. The service, powered by enterprise-grade servers and the industry-leading VMware virtualization platform, now comes with several improved features, including:

  • Guaranteed speed and performance: Secure tenant isolation is achieved through a dedicated high availability firewall. IOPS are allocated and controlled at the VM level, reducing performance degradation risks associated with “noisy neighbour” activities.
  • Security and data protection: Daily snapshots and encryption of data at rest is included in the standard offering. Guaranteed domestic data residency is also available to clients in Canada, the USA, and the UK.
  • Disaster Recovery: Complex disaster recovery scenarios are enabled through site-to-site replication capabilities and software defined networking.

Companies wishing to move critical applications to an external managed VPS environment can do so without sacrificing the required reliability, speed and availability metrics demanded by the business. A common problem with multi-tenant offerings is the variability in performance and security. With these new upgrades, CentriLogic can safeguard client environments and guarantee performance to each individual virtual machine. The service is hosted in and delivered from CentriLogic’s global data centers, which offer customers the very best reliability, availability and redundancy.

“These improvements are necessary as our managed VPS business continues to be a key component of our end-to-end IT outsourcing solutions, as IT decision makers are relying more on fully managed infrastructure for competitive, operational, and economic advantages,” says Robert Offley, President and CEO of CentriLogic. “Clients can leverage our managed VPS to achieve positive business outcomes, without having to worry about the performance, security, and management levels required to deliver critical applications and workloads.”

For more information, please visit centrilogic.com/services/managed-virtual-private-servers-vps/ 

About CentriLogic

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