OCI Managed Services

Optimize Oracle Applications and Databases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Centrilogic’s Managed Services for OCI is an end-to-end offering that combines strategic consultation and planning with configuration, migration, optimization, and ongoing management of applications and databases on OCI.

OCI offers industry-leading solutions for infrastructure, databases, middleware, and applications. To achieve optimal results, expertise in planning, rearchitecting, migrating, and compatibility is required. As a leading certified Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider, we can help you achieve greater availability, performance, reliability, security, and cost-efficiencies for your OCI environment.

Custom Solutions to Harness the Power of OCI

Centrilogic’s approach is to understand customer needs, and then engage our team of experienced engineers to develop and implement a custom solution that accounts for your specific business requirements. Our experts follow a strategic approach to help customers migrate and optimize applications and databases on OCI. We can also assist customers with existing OCI deployments.

  • Managed Services for OCI
    • 24x7x365 Issue Response and Incident Resolution
    • OCI Instance provisioning
    • OCI control – Managed Scaling, Identity Management, Storage Management services
    • Active Monitoring with OCI alerts and alarms
    • Anomaly Alerting and Governance
    • Security policy management (OS; Network; Connectivity)
    • Access to Centrilogic’s service management processes
    • Cloud lifecycle management, orchestration, and project management
    • SLA-backed incident response times
  • Your Client-Centric Team
    • Account Executive – responsible for guiding you through the solution process and overall success of your OCI initiative
    • Customer Success Manager – primary go-to contact for day-to-day requests outside of support and charged with ensuring your success
    • Solution Architect – Certified OCI expert who oversees all technical components of your solution
  • Customer Benefits
    • Increased Performance
    • Increased Reliability and Availability
    • Increased Security
    • Disaster Recovery Capabilities
    • 24x7x365 Monitoring and Support
    • Rapid Scaling
    • Proactive Cost and Usage monitoring
    • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Female hand holding cloud perforated paper craft
Certified Oracle Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)

We are a certified Oracle CSP, which underscores our expertise in harnessing the power of Oracle Cloud to help customers optimize ERP applications, databases, and cloud integrations while accelerating digital transformation.

The achievement recognizes our expanding capabilities for architecting, migrating, and managing applications and databases on the Oracle Cloud, investing in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and growing our service capabilities to better help customers achieve business success.

The Shared Responsibility Model

Understanding the Shared Responsibility Model is the right step towards the evaluation of your model in adopting hyperscale cloud services like OCI. As illustrated here, the cloud provider will take care of the physical premises’ security and infrastructure. As a CSP partner, Centrilogic allows companies to leverage our capabilities to reduce the burden on their organizations (highlighted in blue) and more effectively utilize the benefits of the cloud.

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