Unlike other hosting providers, CentriLogic doesn’t simply offer services. We offer solutions to your business problems by providing collections of reliable, secure and flexible services.

Our customers trust us to provide global data center solutions that meet their needs so they can focus on running successful businesses. We rely on customer insight to develop the best outsourced hosting solutions on the market, which is only something developed through close relationships with our customers.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Downtime means lost revenue and unhappy customers. We provide several disaster recovery and business continuity solutions so that your business continues to run even if a disaster occurs. Learn more about our Business Continuity Solutions.

Compliance Support

Our compliance experts are authorities on the compliance regulations affecting your business. We can develop a strategy to help you attain regulatory and internal audit compliance. Learn more about our Compliance and Internal Audit Solutions.

Agency Platform

Our Agency Platform solutions free up your time by helping you manage the complexity of multiple client accounts. If you have multiple clients in different locations with complex hosting needs, our solution will make your life easier. Learn more about our Agency & Production Solutions.

Secure Server Room

As an alternative to housing enterprise systems in an office server room or closet, we provide a secure server room in our world-class data centers that reduces risk and increases productivity. The security and connectivity options make it ideal for businesses with “road warrior” and remote employees. Learn more about our Secure Server Room relocation solutions.

Remote Managed Services

Our experienced system administrators provide customers with remote monitoring, support, firewall and VPN, and backup and archiving services, even on multiple systems dispersed around the world. Learn more about our Remote Managed Services.