IBM i / iSeries Now Available on Azure and Google Public Cloud

IT and Cloud transformation initiatives are always challenging considerations, but with the rapidly increasing solution offerings for cloud migrations and cloud hosting, it’s making the ability to migrate most workloads to the cloud increasingly easier – and upon achieving a successful cloud migration of applications and databases, customers are enjoying significantly greater efficiencies, better disaster recovery solutions, integration advantages, and many other benefits.

To date, most cloud offerings focus on Windows, Linux, and Unix-based applications and databases, which fortunately cover the majority of modern applications; therefore providing great options for most workloads being considered for the cloud.  The challenge has been for other workloads such as those residing on the IBM i platform (AKA AS/400 or iSeries), specifically having migration, hosting, management strategies and tools to administer these environments in the cloud. And this is not an inconsequential market – i.e. IBM shipped over half a million AS/400 computers in its first ten years in the market.  

While there are a few select vendors in the market offering private cloud solutions for the IBM i / iSeries (including CentriLogic), there has not been an offering for the public cloud  – that is until Microsoft Azure announced a public cloud offering for IBM i / iSeries in September 2019. And Google subsequently introduced their own public cloud offering for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) just last month. 

This has opened up a huge opportunity for companies running enterprise applications, especially ERP systems like SAP, JD Edwards, and others, on two of the top public cloud platforms in the market (Azure and GCP). This new Google Cloud Platform offering for IBM i / iSeries has many benefits, including: 

  • Integrated billing
  • Private API access
  • Integrated customer support
  • Rapid deployment


For example, customers running JD Edwards on IBM i / iSeries can now deploy the application on the same public cloud platform (whether GCP or Azure).  In doing so, they can take advantage of integrated cloud billing (as their other workloads) via a single unified bill, easily leverage other cloud services provided by Google Cloud Platform or Azure, and rapidly provision additional workloads alongside their JDE (or other) applications in the cloud of their choice.

With extensive knowledge and experience in public, private, and hybrid cloud, we’re excited to help our customers continue to understand these newer offerings, and to map out cloud strategies and a wide range of cloud services from new implementations, to migrations,  customizations, integrations, and optimization. Interested in learning more about how we can help your organization migrate your IBM i / iSeries to the cloud?  Contact one of our experts here.