Three Security Measures to Include in all IT Transformation Projects

As organizations rapidly undergo IT and Digital transformation efforts (some under the added pressure of COVID-19), many are exposed to new levels of risk they may not have faced before. And COVID aside, the majority of business leaders list security as a top challenge in the cloud.

While IT transformations and innovation create opportunities for growth, scalability, and agility in the modern business landscape, moving from physical or legacy systems and infrastructure to cloud-based alternatives requires implementing new big picture security measures, some you may not have previously considered, to protect against an updated set of risks.

Focus on Security From the Start

Security should be baked into every aspect of transformation. That requires assessing risks and understanding your business’s vulnerabilities before you even begin. This ensures your applications, systems, and networks are protected from the start. Then, as your organization progresses through its IT transformation, make sure security consulting is integrated into each project to avoid any missteps or incurring unnecessary risks. By enlisting the help of an expert, you can identify the risk areas where your business may be particularly vulnerable and stave off potential threats before they become a reality.

Make Risk Management a Company-Wide Priority

Because an IT transformation project can affect organizations as a whole, it’s critical that everyone, from the marketing department to the sales team to the C-suite, is on board and committed to prioritizing cybersecurity. By making risk management a company-wide initiative, through proactive workshops and ongoing education initiatives, organizations can ensure all employees are aware of the new threats present in a digital environment and encourage them to employ security measures in all aspects of company operations.

Transform Your Security Team

One of the biggest perks of going through an IT transformation is becoming a speedier, more agile business on the other side, and organizations must make certain their security teams are up for the challenge and capable of keeping pace with the speed of increased innovation. This may require bringing in new talent, but it also comes down to the culture of the team and the willingness of existing security departments to take on new skills as they face new challenges. While it may sound like an unconventional security measure, to manage risks while continuing to grow and evolve, security teams must transform from being the “Office of No” to the department of “Yes, and …”

An IT transformation requires attention to detail in nearly all aspects — and security sits high on the list. For a business to truly be successful, all members of the team must be educated and dedicated to ensuring security and risk mitigation is embedded in all strategies from the outset. To optimize your transformation efforts, and to avoid cybersecurity threats or mishaps, don’t go it alone. Call CentriLogic today to find out how we can support your business with a range of security services.